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Robert Zaremba is a recognized IT & blockchain specialist. By working with many projects, focusing on delivery, he is a genuine strategist, advisor and mentor. He is one of the early adopters of a Decentralized Ledger Technologies, he started applying the real-world use-cases in 2016. In 2017 he co-founded DevChain Geneva - one of the most advanced IT groups in Switzerland. Today he is part of few organizations, actively growing and sharing his knowledge with the community and contributing to exciting projects in the area.

As an IT expert and Computer Scientist, Robert is providing state of the art solutions for web systems, blockchain and data mining:

Robert is a specialist. He handles software development and team leading with know how to efficiently implement, facilitate and integrate. Acting as a source of guidance, Robert can improve team knowledge, awareness and skills to provide value for the company. By putting agile methodologies, metrics and learning in his work manifesto, Robert delivers product and principles:

Furthermore, by working actively in the community space, Robert helps to design, create, audit and tune ICOs and intelligent systems. He is educating and building up the Blockchain community in Geneva. Notable organizations:

In his current endeavor, as the CTO of Cerealia, Robert designs the economy foundations and leads the IT R&D.

You can find more information about me and my past projects at my blog: and resume page.