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Robert Zaremba , IT Leader • Computer Scientist, is providing state of the art solutions for web systems, blockchain and data mining. He can help you to build:

As an experienced leader, Robert handles software development and team leading with know how to efficiently implement, facilitate and integrate. Acting as a source of guidance, Robert can improve employee knowledge, awareness and skills to provide value for the company. Furthermore putting agile methodologies, metrics, learning and agile interactions in his work manifesto, Robert delivers product and principles:

Being involved in many meetups (most notably co-organizer of the Geneva DevChain, Blockchainers and Fusion FinTech) Robert is educating and building up the Blockchain community in Geneva.

Robert is a core member of Sweetbridge Foundation R&D team where he creates analytic solutions and blockchain based economy protocols.

More information about me you can find in my blog: and resume page.